"Club sandwich, hamburger and beer are our main highlights. Nominated from the guardian."

About Us

Bagatela was founded in 1991, by owners with more than
25 years experience in bars and restaurants. Located
at Cannaregio district. The interiors are dark-intense,
the tables made of stone, the atmosphere friendly and
comfy. Bagatela from 6 pm, gathers local youth Venetians
and hamburger passionates.Good music, a few seats at
tables near the canal but also inside the bar.

Different types of clients

"families, rock music fans and tourists"

Our Specialty

Club sandwich and hamburger are our main highlights.
Hamburgers are made of the premium Scottona meat,
selected directly from the owners at a breeding.
Scottona is a refined meat, characterized by a succulent
flavor and special tenderness. Scottona meat comes
from a young female bovine, under 16 months of age.
The meat of the female bovine is always softer, tastier
and more succulent than the male’s meat. Scottona meat
is highly recommended to all red meat lovers  because
of its unique flavor and texture.


Tasty hamburgers made of
Scottona meat.Handmade
every day. Then Cheesburger,
Blackburger, Club sandwich
in different flavours, and


We propose 20 different craft
beers, all Made In Italy.
One of the largest selections
in Venice. Red wine, white
wine and prosecco can also be


Nominated by the famous journal
“The Guardian” as one of the
best budget restaurants in Venice.
We are in the top 10. On TripAdvisor
4.5 rating. You can trust


Beer and wines are also one of our main points.
Craft beers are made from Italy, around 20 different
in total. The beers are intricately crafted and
often use unusual ingredients such as grape must,
chestnuts and various fruits and spices. Top quality
Red and White wine are, of course, served alongside
our local champion Prosecco.

Explore while walking along Cannaregio

Cannaregio 2925, 30121 Venice, Italy
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Location And Details


Cannaregio 2925, 30121 Venice, Italy


+39 328 725 5782


Monday, Tuesday and festivity