“Best Hamburger and Chips Ever”

Took time out to walk from Dorsoduro to this small bar/cafe and it was well worth the walk. Interior is pretty basic, but staff were welcoming and service was good. I can honestly say that I’ve never had such a great tasting hamburger and chips. Drinks were cheap too and the beer was excellent. We ordered more chips, but they’d run out 🙁
The staff explained they were going on holiday so had only got a limited amount of fresh produce in. We tried going back a few days later hoping they were only going for a few days, but sadly there was a notice on the door to say they were away until the beginning of September. They play some decent music too (The Doors etc.) but not so loud, so you can still have an ordinary conversation. Good food and great value for Venice.


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“super Panozzo”

qaulche day in venice, I found myself by chance in this pub, psychedelic mixed air environment amgica venice they have served an amazing burger, meat great choice and combination of products finger-licking



The meat is of good quality, the Black Burger is a great sandwich even though not very big. Probably, in any case, the best burger I’ve eaten in my stay in Venice.

Francesco M

“Great bar for those on a budget!”

I am so glad that I found this little bar in the Cannareggio district! It is not fancy, not frightening, and not expensive! Instead, it is crowded with local youth, has very friendly staff, very decent prices, good music (it was Queen playing almost all night), a few seats at tables near the canal but also inside the bar, if you don t find a seat just grab a drink and sit down near the water and enjoy the feeling 🙂 A glass of wine costs 1.5-2.5 euro, aperol or campari spritz 2.5 euro, Moretti beer 4 euros, without hidden taxes, coperto etc.
I will totally come back whenever in Venice again. I did not try their food but it looked nice and prices were also very decent. Next time!


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